Read the New Order tab before ordering!

24/7 USA Support on Discord DMs

- There are NO estimated delivery times. 

- Wait at least 24 hours before contacting me about the status of your order.

- Delivery times vary, most typical services only take up to a few days.

- Start time is not delivery time.

- Orders cannot be canceled once in progress, and cancellation is possible on a case by case basis.

- Refill is from the order date.

- Private accounts do not work.

- [Real] is realistic looking accounts not real people

-  Do NOT order over the maximum of a service in separate orders, you will NOT be refunded for problems.

- The Services are written under the format: 

Service Name [Maximum Order] [Start time - Speed UP TO ##/Day, not Guaranteed #/day.]

- If there are 0 followers, service may not work. If there 0 views, service may not work, if there are 0 likes, service may not work.

- Drip feed interval is a required 6 hours or it won't work.

- If your drop below start count after your order, your service and or refills won't work until you're above start count, so make sure your followers/views or whatever is stable before ordering.

Got more questions? Check out the FAQ page

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